Once we receive your EA request, we will notify ESB Networks, who will add your request to their deployment programme for rolling out Smart Meters across Ireland. The time it will take to receive your meter, will depend on where ESBN is deploying at the time. ESBN aim to provide eligible early adopters with a smart meter within 6 months irrespective of which areas they are officially rolling out meters to – this is on a best efforts basis.

Not all customers are currently eligible for a smart meter. ESBN is focusing on 24hr meter replacements and has started replacing day/night meters. Please remember that if ESBN exchanges your day/night meter, you will need to change to our SST tariff and must provide your consent to do so before being added to the list for a Smart Meter.

Once you have completed the form, we will confirm whether you are eligible for an early adopter smart meter exchange. If you are not eligible we will notify you by email.

If you would like to engage directly with ESBN in relation to your smart meter exchange, please contact them on 1800 928 123 or 01 698 5005

Please only fill in your details if you are a customer of Community Power.

*Only available for customers with MCC01 (24 Hr meter) or MCC02 (Day & Night meter).