1 – What is the price increase being applied?

A price increase of 14% will be applied to all non-smart tariffs. We will not be increasing our Standing Charge.


2 – When will the price increase come into effect?

Community Power will be increasing our prices with effect from 14th August 2021.


3 – How much extra will I be paying for my electricity?

The table below outlines our revised KW/h Tariff Rates with price increase applied

Updated KWh Unit Rates
Standard Rates Price (ex Vat)/Kwh Price (inc Vat)/Kwh
Standard Rate 24hr 18.58c 21.09c
Standard Rate- Day 19.95c 22.64c
Standard Rate-Night 9.86c 11.19c
Standing Charges Prices (ex Vat)/day Prices (inc Vat)/day
Standing charge – Urban 40.27c 45.71c
Standing charge – Rural 46.60c 52.89c
Estimate Annual Bill (EAB) Prices (ex Vat) Prices (Inc Vat)
Urban 24 hr Tariff €1,005.68 €1,141.45
Rural 24 hr Tariff €1,028.72 €1,167.60
Urban Day/Night Tariff €851.27 €966.19
Rural Day/Night Tariff €874.31 €992.34


Community Power will increase our average residential electricity bill by 14% from the 14th of August 2021. This equates to an increase of €87.26 per annum or €7.27 per month (inclusive of VAT) and is based on an average residential electricity usage of 4,200 kWh per annum for a Day/night tariff, as defined by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU).


4 – How will the price increase be displayed on my bill?

You will receive 2 X bills for August 2021 consumption.

Bill 1: This bill will relate to consumption ‘Pre Price’ change (1st to 13th August 2021).

Bill 2:  This bill will relate to consumption ‘Post Price’ change (14th to 31st of August 2021)


5 – Why is the price of electricity increasing?

At Community Power we have tried to retain our customer pricing for as long as possible since we launched in early 2020. We have not put our prices up when others did. Unfortunately, due to unprecedented price increases for electricity in the wholesale market, we, like all other Energy providers in the ROI market, have been forced to increase our prices. The main reason for this increase is that wholesale price of electricity has increased by 57% between December 2020 and June 2021 and it would appear that the wholesale market price will remain stubbornly high in the short to medium term. Recent price increases by Energy providers across the market range from 9% to 18%. For all those on our Standard 15-11-19 tariffs, we will be implementing a price increase of 14% effective from 14th of August 2021. We are however, only increasing our Non-Smart Prices so those who have a smart meter and are on a smart product will not be impacted at this stage.