A community-based Virtual Power Plant (cVPP)

Although local power generation by renewable sources is increasing, it has not yet had a real impact on radical decarbonisation of the energy sector, Changes need to be made by unlocking the potential of the prosumer. This project proposes a community-based Virtual Power Plant (cVPP), a novel model that can help organise & significantly boost renewable energy production & distribution at a local level.


Taking the VPP a step further

A virtual power plant (VPP) refers to a cluster of dispersed generator units, controllable loads & storage systems, aggregated to operate as a unique power plant. It enables integration of renewables & flexibility in demand in energy markets. Several VPP designs exist on the market developed by various organisations, however, implementation remained limited due to a top-down focus on technical parameters. The community-based version of a VPP is bottom-up and focusses on sustainability issues, by organizing a form of Collective Power, that is increasing the level of participation and control of the local community. The cVPP thus aims at taking the development of the VPP a step further.


Empowering prosumers – raising awareness – facilitate upscaling

The concept offers a community the opportunity to provide its energy needs with small-scale, distributed low-carbon technologies with participation from individual consumers, local energy companies or SMEs. It can empower prosumers and contribute to the democratisation of energy markets. This process spurs awareness & public engagement in the energy transition. By doing so, it facilitates upscaling of low-carbon energy community-driven initiatives that have, so far, missed critical mass to trigger the energy transition.