Community Power is a partnership of community energy organisations around Ireland working to create a sustainable energy future for their local areas.  

Our mission is to help the next generation of renewable energy to be community owned and for the people to benefit from it.

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Aran Islands Energy Co-op

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The co-op are planning for the islands to be free of fossil fuels by 2023.  They have been working to retrofit their buildings and make them as energy efficient as possible.  Their plans to build a wind turbine to power the three islands is well underway.

Claremorris & Western District Energy Co-op

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The co-op are developing plans for a solar park on the outskirts of town. A community owned Solar Park thatw as awarded in 2020 by RESS

Friends of the Earth

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Friends of the Earth are a campaigning organisation, working for a just world where people and nature thrive.  They work with communities and people to take action to respond to the climate crisis.

Community Power, Limerick 

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Community Power is Irelands first and only community owned and run energy supplier. Our flagship project is Templederry Community wind farm in County Tipperary. It has been operational since 2012.

Energy Communities Tipperary Co-operative

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The co-op started as a community led, home insulation upgrade and retrofitting organisation. They operate in 8 communities in Tipperary and leverage funding from the SEAI retrofit grants to help homeowners and local businesses and community buildings upgrade their buildings.

Dunmore Sustainable Energy Community, Galway

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The results of the first Renewable Electricity Support Scheme Auction (RESS 1) were announced and Dunmore was one of the winners for a Community owned Solar Park

Tait House, Limerick

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Tait House, Limerick is a community development co-operative whose mission is to generate enterprise, employment and training opportunities through the provision of services for the people of Limerick.

SCAN, Milltown Co. Galway

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 Sustainable Community Area Network (SCAN) in Milltown is proud of the work we do and the goal we set to help reach our 2030 climate action targets Ireland has set. We are apart of that movement.

Tempederry Wind Farm

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Templederry wind farm is Ireland’s first and only community owned wind farm.  It consists of two turbines with an output of 4.6 MW, and has been generating renewable energy since 2015.  

Solar Schools