Our Projects

solar schools

Solar Schools

In 2019, 5 schools will have 5 solar photovoltaic arrays installed, and will be able to generate free, clean, renewable power right from their rooftop. At the weekends and during the summer holidays when there is less demand for electricity in the school, Community Power will purchase this excess power, that would otherwise be lost.

solar farm

Community Solar Farm investment offer

Community Power will soon be launching a share offer for communities/co-operatives/citizens to invest in and own part of solar farms in Ireland.


Become a member Co-operative

Member groups within Community Power have agreed to a set of shared values, and principles. This is detailed within our Memorandum and Articles. New members will be required to adhere to the same set of principles.

cVPP – Community-based Virtual Power Plant

Aim of cVPP cVPP proposes a community-based Virtual Power Plant, a model that can help organise and significantly boost renewable energy production and distribution at a local level. What is a Virtual Power Plant A virtual power plant (VPP) refers to a cluster of dispersed generator units, controllable loads and storage systems, aggregated to operate […]