The Renewable Electricity Support Scheme (RESS) is the new State funded program which enables communities to become involved in energy generation projects.  Significant revenue streams, six and seven figure sums, can accrue to communities annually via such projects.


The State guarantees that successful RESS projects will have their electricity output presold, at fixed prices, for upwards of fifteen years.  Therefore, the economic viability of the projects can be validated, de-risked and made bankable ever before construction takes place.  Communities now have an opportunity to lead – in the decarbonisation of our society and economy. 


Templederry Community Windfarm, operating since 2012, is Irelands first and only community owned energy generation project.  Community Power, a Templederry trading name, sells electricity to homes and industries across Ireland.


Community Power is assisting urban & rural communities throughout Ireland to become involved in the RESS program.  The first RESS program (RESS-1) commenced in 2020 and Community Power is assisting communities in Mayo and Galway through the process.  It is hoped these two communities will commence building their solar parks in December 2020 and transmitting power to the national grid in 2021, with concomitant revenue flows back to the communities in 2021 also.


Applications for the next RESS program (RESS-2) commence in September 2020.  We are assisting communities in Limerick and Tipperary  in RESS-2, and it is hoped they will commence construction of their solar parks in December 2021, with revenue streams commencing in 2022.


We serve the common good, as such we believe communities should seek to enable & empower each other in a socially responsible and sustainable way.  Assisting communities to successfully navigate the RESS program, and process, enables us to deliver on our mandate.  We envision ownership, control and revenues residing (100%) with the communities.


If you and your community would like to know more about the RESS project and how Community Power may be able to assist you  –  register your interest at this link and/or email .   Registering your interest does not imply any commitment on your part, or on the part of your community.


The RESS program is administered by the Department of Communications, Climate Action & Environment (DCCAE)


Below are two extracts from the DCCAE – RESS community roadshow, in January 2020.

The DCCAE acknowledges Templederry Windfarm in Tipperary as a contribution to the Community Energy Sector

community power community owned electricity suppliercommunity power community owned electricity supplier