REGATRACE – Renewable Gas Trade Centre in Europe

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ZOOM LINK REGATRACE – 2nd Participants Workshop “ The vision for biomethane in Ireland”
Start Time: Jul 29, 2021 09:30am BST London, 10:30am CET

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REGATRACE (Renewable GAs TRAde Centre in Europe) aims to create an efficient trade system based on issuing and trading biomethane/renewable gases Guarantees of Origin (GoO). This will strongly contribute to the uptake of the European common biomethane market. It will be achieved by setting up a European biomethane/renewable gases GoO system, by setting up national GoO issuing bodies, by integrating GoO from different renewable gas technologies with electric and hydrogen GoO systems, through integrated assessment and sustainable feedstock mobilisation strategies and technology synergies, through support for biomethane market uptake, and by transferring the results beyond the project’s countries.

A stable, reliable and common market for biomethane and other renewable gases in Europe can help achieve EU political targets and decouple its energy systems from fossil fuels: biomethane/renewable gases can be transmitted and stored in existing infrastructures, making it possible to combine the European natural gas and electricity grids.


09:30-09:50 Introduction and overview of the emerging industry in Ireland
PJ McCarthy, RGFI
09:50:10:10 The vision across Europe and update from Brussels
Suzanna Pflüger, EBA
10:10-10:30 Update on EU cross border trade
Matthias Edel, ERGAR
10:30-1040 Urban hubs – Sligo Local Gas Network
Stevie Donnelly

10:40-10:50 Community approach to renewable power
JP Prendergast, Community Power

10:50- 11:10 Project Clover
Russell Smith, KPMG
11:10-11:30 Regenerative agriculture and AD
David Hagan, Devenish


11:30-11:40 Gas Certification update
Brendan O’ Riordan, GNI
11:40 – 12:15 Q&A
Summary and Visioning Interaction



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