Benefits of Community Power

  • Fair Pricing

  • Empowering Local Green Energy Communities

  • Irish Owned

  • Supporting Local Renewable Business initiatives

  • Easy to Switch

  • Collaborating with Sustainable Energy Communities around Ireland

We Sell Electricity

Our customers are domestic and commercial. Whether you are a household, community, business, public or private building, if you currently buy electricity anywhere on the island of Ireland, you can switch and buy your electricity from Community Power.

We are taking on new customers in batches. Our current batch is open within the areas of the following energy co-operatives (Aran Islands Energy Co-operative, Limerick Urban Co-op-Tait House, Claremorris and Western District Energy Co-operative, Energy Communities Tipperary Co-operative), but we are open to all customers located on the island of Ireland.

If you are interested in becoming a customer of Community Power, and buying your electricity from Ireland’s only community owned supply company, register your interest here, and we will be in contact.

We do not offer discount rates to entice customers, our rates are competitive, fair and consistent. We set our prices based on the market price, and we will not hike up our rates after an introductory period.

Don’t forget to register your interest here

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