Community Powers Circular Economy highlights renewable energy as a sustainable business model that is resilient and people focused. It is energy regenerative by design and aims to promote environmental enhancement and energy community ownership.

Community Power believes in a holistic vision of the energy system. We support a local, integrated and responsible energy system where we can collectively manage our energy production and consumption in a way that is accessible and understandable for local people.

In the Community Power renewable energy circular economy, resources are handled in a more responsible way. The goal is to achieve an equilibrium between consumption and renewable production.

Community Power – Renewable Electricity Circular Economy Model


1 Energy Generation

Community Powers Team assists a community through a renewable energy project design, finance, construction and commissioning and avail of whatever support schemes are available.

2 Producing Electricity

When Wind, Solar and Hydro Community projects are producing electricity, a Community Power, Power Purchase Agreement is put in place.

3 Distributing Electricity

The output from the renewable energy generation is then distributed through the National Grid which is the only distribution system available.

4 Consumption of Electricity

Community Power Utility company buys that Community owned Irish energy and sells it to the Communities around Ireland.

5 Community Ownership

Communities that have renewable generation projects will be encouraged to take an active role & ownership  of Community Power the Utility Company. People will have a say in how they want to buy and sell their own renewable energy.