Our Tariffs

      Tariffs, 7th April  2022

DG1 & 2 Tariffs
Standard Unit Rate c/kWh Excluding VAT Including VAT
24hr 45.87   c/kWh 52.06    c/kWh
Day 49.25   c/kWh 55.90    c/kWh
Night 24.34    c/kWh 27.62    c/kWh
Smart SST Unit Rate c/KWh Excluding VAT Including VAT
Day 08:00-23:00(excl peak) 46.60   c/kWh 52.89   c/kWh
Night  23:00-08:00 23.39   c/kWh 26.55    c/kWh
Peak   17:00-19:00 49.99  c/KWh 56.73    c/KWh
Standing Charge (Urban)
Per Day €0.60c €0.69c
Total Per Year €220.50 €250.27
Standing Charge (Rural)
Per Day €0.70c €0.79c
Total Per Year €255.00 €289.43

We will send you a bill by email every month which you can pay by direct debit.

Electricity is measured in units, these units are called kilowatt hours (kWh), and you are charged a price per kWh you use. Every time you use electricity in your home, when you plug in something, when the lights are on etc, you will be using units of electricity.

Your consumption is calculated by multiplying your kWh used by the unit rate.

The Public Service Obligation (PSO) Levy is charged by every supplier and applies to all domestic electricity customers. The current PSO Levy was set at €4.30 per month from 1st October 2021.

The total cost of your electricity bill is subject to VAT @ 13.5%

Home customers are referred to as DG 1 and DG 2, community and commercial customers are referred to as DG 5 or DG 6

Business Customers / DG 5 customers standing charge may vary.

Templederry Renewable Energy Supply Ltd t/a Community Power.