Price Change from 1st August 2022

As we have indicated in several of our communications, we asked you to stick with us while prices were going up and we also advised that if and when we could adjust the pricing, we would pass that to you.

Whilst market predictions are that energy prices will remain high and may get higher for the remainder of 2022 and early 2023, we are delighted to announce a 5% discount on our current domestic kWh rate effective from August 1st 2022.

As a Community Power customer, you will see an overall decrease of just over 4% on your bill. For the average customer, this will mean a reduction of €8.75 per month based on the Estimated Annual Bill EAB1 effective from August 1st 2022. We wish that this could be more but as yet, there is no clear sky ahead that offers any dependable stability or surety in the energy market.

1EAB reference is based on our Urban 24hr tariff.

We continue to strive to do things differently for our Irish Energy Communities so hopefully, you will continue to stay with us.

For Day/Night tariff, please consider Day 8am-11pm and Night 11pm-8am.

For Smart SST tariff, please consider Day 8am-5pm & 7pm-11pm, Night 11pm-8am, and Peak 5pm-7pm.


– The calculations above on the EAB are based on CRU-approved annual consumption figures (4200 kWh p.a.). These figures may not reflect your actual consumption.

– For the purposes of calculating Day/Night values we have used the assumption of Day 8am-11pm (50% usage) and Night 11pm-8am (50% usage).

– Smart (SST) Tariff calculations based on estimated daily consumption breakdown of Day 8am-5pm and 7pm-11pm (63%), Night 11pm-8am (24%), and Peak 5pm-7pm (13%). Therefore these figures may not reflect your actual consumption.

– The prices outlined in the calculations are inclusive of VAT 9.0%.

– Our Standing Charges are not subject to the price decrease and remain unchanged.

– PSO Annual Levy is 56.24 euros including VAT (51.60 net of VAT) effective from the 1st of October 2021.

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