Price Change from 1 November 2021

As you are no doubt aware we are seeing new records being set in energy prices both in Ireland and across Europe for both electricity and gas.

It is a challenging time for All Suppliers across Ireland. Unfortunately, as a result of this volatility we, like almost all other Suppliers have no choice but to increase our prices again, effective from November 1st, 2021. As a Community Power customer, you will see an overall increase of 19.5% on your bill. For the average customer this will mean an increase of €4.88 per week based on the Estimated Annual Bill (EAB)** effective from November 1st, 2021.

 **EAB refence is based on our urban D/N tariff

We always aim to be fair and transparent with our customers and to try and pass as many benefits to you as we possibly can while staying commercially viable.


Our pricing is not the highest or lowest in the market, but we try to offer so much more by being the first alternative energy model to citizens in Ireland. We want to keep our assets here, we want to invest in our community energy infrastructure, we want citizens to own part of their own supply organisation. We are trying to do things differently, to be equitable, innovative and fair but we have to still buy the energy from the market to sell to you.

We understand this is little consolation to an increase in costs, but we hope you will stay with us as we all weather the global energy crisis.

Our new rates as of 1 November 2021

Standard Unit Rate c/kWh Excluding VAT Including VAT
24hr 22.11   c/kWh 25.1    c/kWh
Day 23.74   c/kWh 26.96    c/kWh
Night 11.73    c/kWh 13.32    c/kWh
Smart SST Unit Rate c/KWh Excluding VAT Including VAT
Day   20.88   c/kWh 23.69   c/kWh
Night 13.11   c/KWh 14.88   c/KWh
Peak 21.72    c/KWh 24.65    c/KWh
Standing Charge (Urban)
Per Day €0.60c €0.69c
Total Per Year €220.50 €250.27
Standing Charge (Rural)
Per Day €0.70c €0.79c
Total Per Year €255.00 €289.43
  • The Public Service Obligation (PSO) Levy is charged by every supplier and applies to all domestic electricity customers. The annual PSO Levy was set as at €51.66 (excl VAT) and €56.63 (incl VAT) 1st October 2021.
  • VAT is charged at 13.5%

Our New EAB Rates

From 1 November 2021, our Estimated Annual Bill (EAB) for all our domestic tariffs are as follows: