Aim of cVPP

cVPP - a community-based Virtual Power Plant

cVPP proposes a community-based Virtual Power Plant, a model that can help organise and significantly boost renewable energy production and distribution at a local level.

What is a Virtual Power Plant

A virtual power plant (VPP) refers to a cluster of dispersed generator units, controllable loads and storage systems, aggregated to operate as a unique power plant. It enables integration of renewables and flexibility in demand in energy markets. Several VPP designs exist on the market developed by various organisations, however, implementation remained limited due to a top-down focus on technical parameters. The community-based version of a VPP is a bottom-up and focuses on sustainability issues, by organising a form of Collective Power, that is increasing the level of participation and control of the local community. The cVPP thus aims at taking the development of the VPP a step further.

The concept offers a community the opportunity to provide its energy needs with small-scale, distributed low-carbon technologies with participation from individual consumers, local energy companies or SMEs.

The project will;

– Jointly conceptualise and test cVPP in 3 different markets of Ireland, Belgium and Netherlands with an aim to maximise interconnectedness of the cVPPs, joint influence and learning about different institutional contexts influencing implementation of cVPP

– Co-create a Mobilisation and Replication (MoRe) model based on practical lessons from realisation of different cVPP designs in 3 locations and culture, supported by theoretical insights and interviews. MoRe aims to enable the propagation of cVPP to other territories by accounting for local preferences and aims and by provision of guidance to communities on how to address emerging barriers to cVPP implementation in their areas

– Test and assess the MoRe by replicating in follower communitiesthat will be identified and actively engaged in the process. After its end, the project will contribute to further roll-out of the cVPP to other New and European areas by dissemination of business plans and guidance


Funding is provided by Interreg NWE. The partnership receives a European Union subsidy of 3,663,205.49 EUR.


The project will run for 3 years from 20th September 2017 – 19th September 2020.


  • Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Netherlands
  • Tipperary Energy Agency, Ireland
  • Stichting Duurzame Projecten Loenen, Netherlands
  • EnerGent, Belgium
  • Gemeente Apeldoorm, Netherlands
  • Kamp C, Belgium
  • Templederry Renewable Energy Supply Limited. T?A Community Renewable Energy Supply, Ireland
  • Tipperary County Council, Ireland


To visit the official cVPP website, please click here.