We are working on lots of projects to help communities and citizen generate their own renewable energy, and benefit from it.  Here are some of our projects.


Partners in Belgium, the Netherlands and Ireland have come together to pilot community-based virtual power plants. 

Three pilot community-based virtual power plants are being established to serve as an example and source of inspiration for new local energy initiatives.

A virtual power plant is a network of generators of electricity that join together to operate like a single power plant. The community-based version offers a community the opportunity to provide its energy needs with small-scale, distributed low-carbon technologies with participation from individual consumers, local energy co-operatives or companies, or SMEs. 

There are no new wires, or cables required, communities and citizens can generate renewable power, the virtual power plant aggregates the power, and then distributes it back to its customers.

Community-based Virtual Power Plant (cVPP) is an INTERREG North-West Europe project led by Eindhoven University of Technology. Eight Belgian, Dutch and Irish partners are taking part in the project that runs until 19 September 2020. The partnership receives a European subsidy of 3,663,205.49 EUR (60% subsidies) from a total of 6,105,342.53 EUR.

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Solar Schools

We are working with Friends of the Earth to install solar panels on Schools.  In 2019 in each of our communities solar panels will be installed on a number of exemplary schools.

  • St Munchins, Limerick
  • Upperchurch National School, Tipperary
  • St Colmans College, Mayo
  • Scoil Naomh Eoin, Aran Islands