Local Benefit

% percentage of all customers bills goes directly back to their community of choice. 

% percentage of income from renewable generation is re-invested in new community-owned energy projects.   

Clean Energy

We support local energy co-operatives to develop their own renewable energy projects that meet the needs of their communities.

We only purchase renewable energy notwithstanding the ‘pool’ mix OR when the local generation is for the community benefit and/or owned by the community


Our model allows for full democratic decision making – one member, one vote.

Our communities operate autonomously but share our overall mission and objectives.   

Fair Prices

We deal with consumers and producers in a fair, transparent and open manner in advance to any regulatory requirements.

We do not offer discount rates to entice customers, our rates are competitive, fair and consistent.  We set our prices based on the market price.  We will not hike up our consumer’s rates after an introductory period, nor will we cut our producers rates.