Fuel Mix Explanation

Energy suppliers all have to confirm the “greenness” of their energy in our fuel mix disclosures. Many of those who have 100% have been verified through purchasing green energy certificates (Guarantee of Origin – GOO) from green energy generated anywhere from here to Europe. Our focus is on building and supporting Irish owned green generation and credentials as opposed to offsetting international renewable generation .

We support IRISH generated renewable energy through community energy projects, some of which will be coming on stream in the next year to two years. We have worked hard to push community green energy generation to the front of the queue. Once our community owned solar farms are completed, we aim to undertake the Green Source Verification of our fuel mix which will show a higher percentage of renewable energy sources – and you can be confident it will be renewable electricity generated in Ireland.


The following table displays the Community Power fuel fix (ROI Residual fuel mix) for year January 2022 to December 2022.


Our goal is to generate Irish community owned renewable energy as opposed to offsetting international renewable generation to improve our Fuel Mix credentials.