Customers who own a micro-generator such as solar PV array, micro-wind, micro-hydro or renewable micro-CHP are eligible for this scheme.

For a homeowner, you will need to check your meter type.

For homes with a Smart Meter, you will be required to complete and submit an NC6 form to ESBN. This form can be downloaded directly from ESBN Website. This is often completed by your system installer.

For homes with a 24-Hour Legacy Meter or a Day/Night Legacy Meter installed, if you are an existing Microgeneration customer you will continue to receive your deemed estimate Microgen credit until you receive a Smart Meter.

If you do not currently have a Smart Meter and want to become a microgeneration customer after the 11th of September 2023, your microgeneration credit will begin after your Smart Meter is installed.

If a customer has refused or refuses the installation of a Smart Meter and now wants to avail of the scheme, they must request the installation of a Smart Meter. This can be done through Community Power or ESBN.

Deemed Export vs Actual Export – Your CTF (Comms Technical Feasible) will determine how accurately your Smart Meter can be read. If you have a strong signal, you will receive Actual Export. If you have a weak signal ESBN will provide Deemed Export, this is estimated export based off ESBN calculations.

**All above requirements must be met by the homeowner to be eligible**