There are three main types of electricity meters in use as per the ESB Networks –

  • Mechanical revolving disc meters
  • Electronic meters
  • Pay as You Go meters

If you’re not sure what kind of meter you have, please read on.

What type of meter do I have?

To identify the type of meter you have, look at the descriptions below. To find out how to read your meter, ​select the relevant option.

Mechanical Meter

This meter is the most common type of meter in domestic dwellings. It has a revolving disc and one row of numbers. There are two different types – 24 Hr Revolving Disc Meter and Time of Day Meter.

Business customers may have a Wattless Meter installed. The Wattless meter is distinguished from Standard Meters or Day & Night Meters by the letters kVArh located near its register and is read in the same way.


Electronic Meter

For most commercial and some industrial premises, Non Quarter Hourly (NQH) metering is used. Many of these meters have electronic registers with one electronic meter display capable of scrolling through multiple register readings. Larger customers may also have additional current transformers. Electronic meters are also installed in some domestic premises.


Pay As You Go Meter

Your electricity supplier may arrange for a Pay as You Go meter to be installed at your premises. Each Pay as You Go meter has two elements, a customer keypad and an ESB Networks main meter.

It is important to note that even if you have a Pay as You Go meter, a meter reader will still call to read the main meter.

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Safety Tip

Please be careful when reading your meter, especially if it is up high or in an inaccessible place.