A Smart Meter will enable the move to a low-carbon electricity network, the development of smart grids and support the electrification of heat and transport, local renewable generation and micro generation. ‘It will also eliminate the need for estimated bills. The ESB Networks with the roll-out of the National Smart Metering Programme (NSMP) involves replacing all existing electricity meters with Smart Enabled Meters.   The roll out programme will be delivered in a phased approach, commencing with an initial delivery of 250,000 meters in 2019 – 2020 (they are in Cork, Laois, Kildare, Dublin, Cavan. Donegal, Waterford, Galway and many more to come) and approximately 500,000 meters in each of the 4 subsequent years.

Ireland’s smart meter upgrade programme will ensure that customers and businesses are provided with the next generation of electricity meters that are being rolled out across Europe and internationally. This new technology will replace older meters and will make available new products and services bringing benefits to Irish consumers, the environment and the economy. Smart meters will make the supplier switching process easier and empower consumers to make a more informed choice for their energy needs.


You can read more about the smart meter roll out here.