DUoS stands for Distribution Use of System. A DUoS charge is a fee that ESB Networks charges Community Power for use of the Electricity Distribution System. Community Power will pass this on to you in your Electricity Bill.

The amount of DUoS that ESB Networks charges Community Power for each customer depends on which DUoS Group a customer is classified as, which can be based on several factors including the voltage a premises is connected at, the type of meter installed, or if electricity is exported.

DUoS Group Name Description

DG1 Urban Domestic Customers

DG2 Rural Domestic Customers

DG3 Unmetered Public Lighting

DG4 Other Unmetered Connections

DG5 Low Voltage Non-Domestic Non-MD Customers

DG5A Low Voltage Non-Domestic Non-MD Autoproducers (Exporters)

DG5B Low Voltage Non-Domestic Non-MD Autoproducers (Importers)

DG6 Low Voltage Non-Domestic MD Customers

DG6A Low Voltage Non-Domestic MD Autoproducers (Exporters)

DG6B Low Voltage Non-Domestic MD Autoproducers (Importers).