The CRU has a statutory responsibility to protection energy consumers. One way the CRU discharges this responsibility is through the Electricity and Gas Suppliers’ Handbook. The Handbook acts as the ‘rulebook’ for suppliers with regard to all interactions with energy customers. The Handbook is a mix of principles and rules which all suppliers must adhere to.

The Handbook is split into a number of codes of practice for issues such as billing, disconnections, complaint handling, vulnerable customers, etc. The Handbook also contains a number of codes for non-household customers which suppliers must also comply with providing protections for small and medium sized businesses (SMEs).

The CRU manages the Handbook and conducts reviews to take account of developments in the energy market. The most recent review of the Handbook was conducted in 2016/17 and was subject to a number of rounds of public consultation and engagement with industry and consumer interest groups.