“To advance climate justice, it is necessary to share the benefits and the burdens of the resolution of
the climate crisis equitably and fairly. Including people and communities in the design, planning and
implementation of the transition to zero carbon societies is not simply the fairest approach. It will also be the fastest”.

This is one of the opening paragraphs in a new publication ‘The People’s Transition: Community-led development for Climate Justice’ which has just been published. It is the end result of a joint research, engagement and policy-modelling project undertaken by  FEPS (Foundation for European Progressive Studies) and TASC (Think-tank for Action on Social Change) for over a year. The report by Sean McCabe was launched on Thursday 18th November by Mary Robinson, Former President of Ireland and former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and Diederik Samsom, Head of cabinet of the European Commission Executive Vice-President in charge of the European Green Deal. Speakers included Pedro Marques, Holly Cairns, Montserrat Mir and others.

In line with the ethos of Community Power “The People’s Transition proposes an approach to climate action that puts communities and local development at the heart of Europe’s Just Transition. ”

The introduction states “If climate action is to be fast, it must be fair. If it is to be enduring, it must be inclusive. If it is to benefit from widespread public support, it must share benefits and burdens equitably and fairly”.

Community Power is included in the report  on page 72 in a section entitled ‘Potential for community wealth building approaches to climate action in Ireland’
“One area where the collective ownership of climate action is better understood is in renewable
energy generation. In Ireland, Community Power is an energy company comprised of a partnership of community energy groups working for a sustainable energy future for Ireland, which grew out of Ireland’s first community-owned wind farm, Templederry Wind Farm, in Co Tipperary”

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The People’s Transition: Community-led Development for Climate Justice. Community Power


To download the full report click on this link or the image below: ‘The People’s Transition: Community-led development for Climate Justice’. You can watch the video from the launch event below.

‘The People’s Transition: Community-led development for Climate Justice’. Community Power

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